Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Team Roster Status

It has been almost a week since our last largest event - Asian Championship Qualifiers 2017.

Plenty of things have changed over the last months. Nothing bad exactly happened (except for Link Format lol), but few of us just felt that the game wasn't as attractive as it was before. Some felt that it was taking too much of our personal time, and eating into our other commitments and priorities. Others wanted to take a step back.

I will still be around posting articles, so the blog won't completely be submerged and disappear into oblivion like Bastion Misawa from Gx anime. I will still play, but more of Goat Format and I will still make the effort to read News and Updates on the game to blog about.


Ken Sir
  • Busy playing Goat Format with SanganFTK
  • Not planning to invest nor play competitively for the next few months
  • Prefer to spend more time on article-writing and analyse the game as a spectator, less as a player

  • Busy judging. 
  • Busy being bad at Goat Format. (Y)
  • Busy collecting Upstart Goblins.

  • At risk of being fired for poor performance and laziness.
  • Only reason not fired - he is the only other one blogging.
  • Will still be playing competitively
  • Busy trying but failing to make D/D/D good again.

Either busy studying OR quit temporarily OR quit permanently
  1. MyPochi/DAM SON
  2. Scrublas
  3. K.Xavage
  4. Traveller of the Burning Herpes

Busy trying to maintain a family of 3 kids and finding a runaway wife while staying away from apples:

Tl;dr - GeoTheBacon will be the only competing competitively. Articles will still be posted, blog updated, but maybe at a less frequent rate as the think tank is smaller now.

Let me just say that blogging is fun, but writing them wouldn't be nearly as rewarding without all the discussion on Reddit and Facebook comments.With your continued support, I doubt the blog will cease to function anytime soon.

We will survive.

Also, I recently started playing Duel Links. Not because of the Worlds Championship thing, but because even some of my non ygo friends started playing lol. I hate how I have to grind through so many level just to earn gems for packs though. and the tutorial.... the horror.

-Ken Sir
Until next time

Friday, 12 May 2017

Skull Meister

A recently popular Hand Trap.

Fluffals in 2017.04 OCG

Fluffals recently secured a win in one of the Japan tournaments. The deck went 8-0-1.

It is unknown, as of now, how the tie was achieved. It may either be due to a prize sharing in the finals or a unfortunate situation where Time was called and they had to end the Match at 1-1 for the event to continue.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Zoodiac True Draco in 2017.OCG

Zoodiac True Draco is indeed an effective engine for the True Draco archetype. In my opinion, it is a stronger contender as compared to its counterparts - WindWitch and Invoked.

Today we will have a look at a sample decklist and discuss the deck's standard plays and main goal.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Spellbook of Rudra Draw Engine

I previously suggested the use of Spellbook of Rudra as a draw engine on my article at BeyondTheDuel.
Players have since improved on it by adding the engine into plenty of other relevant decks.

Magical Explosion FTK in 2017.04 OCG

I won't try to understand the deck. But wow...